New Leadership at TDOT Local Programs

Linkedin Picture

Linkedin Picture

For those that have not heard, Ms. Whitney Sullivan is the new head of the TDOT Local Programs Office. Whitney comes over from TDOT Project Management, and my friends there have nothing but positive things to say about her and her work.

This past Friday Ms. Sullivan was kind enough to meet with me briefly.  The main purpose of my visit was to congratulate her, get a sense of what her priorities are, and what direction she plans on leading the program.

Right now she is still getting settled in to what the TDOT Local Programs Office does. She told me that her main concern is making sure that local governments do not inadvertently lose their Federal funding. There are a ton of ways to do this, so she has her work cut out for her.

One quick observation. I met with Ms. Sullivan on a Friday afternoon at 2pm. Most people think that is about the time that State employees start slowing down and making their way to the door for the weekend. Not in Local Programs. After her meeting with me she was off to lead an “all hands on deck” meeting in the conference room. I don’t know what the meeting was about, but what that tells me is that she is engaged and things are happening up there. I am hopeful for the changes that she will lead.

Ms. Sullivan is a very approachable person. You can reach her at:

James K. Polk Building, Suite 600
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, TN 37243-0341

Phone: (615) 741-5314
Fax: (615) 741-9673

Whitney Sullivan
Transportation Manager
Phone: (615) 253-1387




About arran375

I work for Askew, Hargraves, Harcourt and Associates, Inc. here in Nashville, Tennessee. The short version of what I do is that we help local governments spend the Federal funds they get from TDOT on road, and bridge projects.
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